Saturday, February 7, 2015

Selenite Hearts~ heart emoticon
will be available this Sunday at the Farmers Market.
Try this when gifting one of these hearts. Hold the Selenite Heart next to yours, look into the person’s eyes and say “My heart sings to yours”, holding the heart in your palms-reach out to the receiver and make your offering of love and friendship...~♡~...
*About Selenite*
Selenite draws Oneness together. The Oneness of the All of the beyond, the Oneness from the soul, and the Oneness from the person using it on the third dimension, merge together within Selenite. All of the universe can have a home within its essence. Consequently, Selenite is similar to Fluorite.
Upon activation with the user’s light frequencies, Selenite’s pathways open to the celestial origins of soul-level Oneness. The user’s own unique frequency determines which pathway is used. Quite quickly, within seconds at the absolute most, the Oneness is linked between the user and her higher-self.

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