~Beautiful just beautiful~Trust the unfolding even when it's not tickling you ~

Thank you for trickling down your star dust to commune with our waters; to form us, so we can look up and see our reflection bright and ascending…

Our Magical Garden is super inspiring, it has been a vision of mine from the first day we moved in. I'm still building on it.
Growing veggies
Eating Colorful

Look to Earth Mother to learn how to be a Woman & Man, she is resilient, forever giving, abundant, transforming and fluid... These are the words of our ancestors...

My Sun Sign, cosmic birthday
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My Daughter  Kashmere inspires love, wisdom, and kindness...

My Beautiful grandson-Yes Grandson" baby Jakob' we love each other so much! I love being a young Grandmother, his light inspires all...
Lotus Festival 2011

Grandson Jakob 3 years Love-love




Lake Tahoe

Northern California

Joshua Tree

Baños, Ecuador

Scared cave

Shiripuno Ecuador

:Alex Grey
Love is oh so inspiring

Union by Android Jones

Healers (María Sabina)

Tradition My Mama's home town

I heard some where long ago a story of a student and his teacher. 
They watched as a butterfly struggling to break free from its cocoon. The Student asked " Why don't we help the butterfly" the Teacher answered " Because it is in its struggle that it will become strong and survive in the world" Yes indeed friends. Stay in a constant state of metamorphosis because once we think we have arrived-we stop transforming. We can always benefit from a rebirth. ♥ be gentle in the process ♥ I love you ♥ Be strong ♥

I had a dream I was flying ~∞~ some friends saw me and wanted to fly too, we held hands and ascended. We almost hit a tree and I said - don’t worry if we're up here it's because we can fly. Navigation will take some getting use to, but if we are up here it's because we can fly… Love dreams  Let’s take flight  ~∞~



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Full Moon Dancing

Moon Time Ritual


photo by: Fernando Galvez

Burning Man BRC Resident since 2004, this magical land is so incredibly inspiring. A world where imagination lives, dreams dance and one is reborn...

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