Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Lotus Flower

❀The Lotus Flower grows in ponds filled with murky waters-yet when they bloom they emerge clean and beautiful. They open up to receive the Sunlight and retract into the water at night. Our ancestors say look to nature to know how to be. At night WE sleep to recharge, dream to work things out and journey, reconstruct and heal our bodies, we align to the natural rhythms of our heart. With the rise of the Sun we open our eyes, stretch our arms up and bloom like a Lotus. We experience a rebirth everyday, emerging from the murky waters that we call stress-with new opportunities to make new choices. We move with the purity of our hearts in divine dance and communion with all.❀ 

AVAILABLE this Sunday at the Hollywood Farmers Market
June 9, 2014

Friday, June 6, 2014

Goddess Rising

Sterling Silver 
Goddess Rising, is a necklace for you and all Women that are activating the flow of Shakti (energy power of creation that rest at the base of our Muladhara Chakra) we awaken this source of abundant energy through yoga, being mindful of our diet, and creating sacred space for recalibration. Once activated it rises to join Shiva (pure consciousness) a manifestation of divine consciousness aligning us to what we are part of- the one in all. It’s an on going practice of self-love for only then may we love freely and abundantly. We will constantly experience the ebb and flow of life and continue to grow, so long as we are grounded (on this planet) the journey of evolution continues.  We hinder our spiritual growth when we adopt the illusion of "I have arrived and know everything", perhaps if you are levitating and in flight we will agree with that statement, but so long as we find our feet on Earth Mother perhaps there are some gifts waiting for us yet. Being in a state of wonder and openness to all that unfolds along our journey will make our interactions opportunities for growth. May you wear it well and have fun too Dance and find what brings you joy~ Araceli

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I'm bringing my headdresses to the Hollywood Farmers Market this Sunday- come by and try yours on <3 They are Burning Man proof~ I have put them to the test and they with stand the harsh weather conditions and keep the Sun from heating up your head. They kept me cool in the hot Sun at Lighting in a Bottle last week. Highly recommend you wear one.