~The Butterflies that stop at my Gem Garden~
My deepest gratitude
at your service 
pollinating the world with crystal loving 

Sarah the host of Holistic Habits wearing the Chakra Necklace
please tune in the her channel to learn all things holistic.

Maria Cabildo just became chief of staff to new L.A. County Supervisor Hilda Solis.
Wearing Om Necklace Brass & Silver

Emilia Garcia-Sterling Silver Gong blessed necklace

Leah of Beauty Decoded wearing a Balancing Necklace

Lilia wearing the Chakra Necklace

Erica-Quartz Crystal necklace

Lilia wearing the Chakra Necklace

Monica-Chakra Necklace

Bibiana from Arizona-wearing Lotus Necklace

Heidi-Chalcedony Necklace

Ronna-Adventurine balance necklace

Stacy-Stalactite grounding necklace

Maria-Labradorite Temple necklace

Kelly-Sterling Silver Goddess necklace

Caitlin from Seattle/ Sterling Silver Skull necklace

Vanessa & Fiona/ Cascade necklace/ Brass Dangle Necklace

Tracie & Tracy and Baby wearing Lotus Necklaces

Eloise from Chicago wearing Spiral Stalactite Silver Necklace

Marianne wearing Geode necklace

Kundalini Set

Elizabeth and Friends of the HFM

Charlene-Pink Calsite love/health earrings

Zizi-Turquoise, Shell necklace

Vanessa-Gem drops Aura necklace

Reina-Sterling Silver Labradorite Ring

Katie-Drop Necklace

Krystal & Jeffrey-Chrysoprase drop necklace

Mary-Brass and carnelian Necklace

Delmy-Stalactite grounding necklace

Cristina-Agate Sterling Silver Om necklace

Spiral Stalactite tune-up necklace

Katerina-Lotus Necklace

Adriana do Brazil-Chakra Necklace

Alessandra do Brazil-Sterling Silver tiny Skull necklace

Alicia from Illinois-Spiral Stalactite tune-up necklace

Ashley-Trio Gem necklace

Erin wearing a beautiful Headdress

Lotus Necklace

Amy-OM earrings 

Chakra Necklace



Esi in action-dust mask 2014

Burning Man Gear-Dustmask

Burning Man Gear-Dustmask

                 Lotus Necklace

                            Powerful Goddess Cascade

Sterling Silver Skull Earrings

Arianna-Kundalini Necklace 

Favi -Kundalini Necklace

Maya Jupiter-Turquoise Drop Necklace

Maya-Kundalini Necklace

 Gabriela-Goddess In Flight Necklace 

Kelly-Full Moon Necklace 

Luz -Crescent Streling Silver Earrings

Margaret-Kundalini Heart Necklace

Charlotte-Chakra Necklace 

Rosalinda-Dragon Necklace 

Jo Anna-Skull Set 

Sandy-Star Earrings 


LIB Headress

Lovely Fiona-Power Goddess Cascade Necklace

Sweet Jeri-Chakra Necklace

Emily-Lotus Necklace

Goddess Head Piece

Lighting in a Bottle 2014 Headdress

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