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Helpful Burning Man Tips from GOD (Goddess of the Desert)

Helpful Burning Man Tips from GOD (Goddess of the Desert) 
 Created for my dear friends and sharing with you all. BRC is a beautiful strange planet we call HOME! 9 year resident and counting )'(

This information has optimized my burn. A week goes by really fast and whether you are a first time or long time burner here are some things you may want to consider and incorporate to keep you from going in circles.

 ~The Bike~
Yes lights-decorate-lock, but having a basket with a lid is a home away from home. You can find a basket at bike shop. Get a little tray to fit on top as a lid; it can be plastic or wood. Place tray on top of your basket -mark a dot close to the front and two dots to the back of the tray. These markings are where you make holes to attach your tray on top. If it’s a plastic tray you can burn the tip of a sharp tool to melt a hole through or drill it if you have a little Dremel. Zip tie to the back attaching to the metal of basket. The front hole is where your tiny lock will go. If your bike gets knocked over all your things are secure. Line the inside with FABRIC decorate the top.

Materials: Tray, Zip ties, fabric, basket, little lock with keys. 

People with hair can make a braid adding some yarn or thick string-braid long enough to be able to bend and unlock your bike and tray top. Tie and secure your little keys (bike/tray lock) onto the ends of the braid and keep it in all week.
*Notice the key in this picture. Keep the extra in a safe place;)

THINGS to keep in basket:
Wippies, small spray bottle (water and a drop of lavender essential oil) cooingly, relaxing and refreshing, some snacks, water, tissue, extra batteries for your bike lights, pen/notepad, extra inner tube, little *flash light(potties at night are no fun in the dark). Ladies a little mirror in there is nice. Or carry it all in a bag and risk spacing out on it and forgetting it at a party. Be free. Put it in the Basket.

~The Dwelling Space ~
Keep one FLASHLIGHT by the entrance, MINI TRASH CAN if you're in a tent, a MATT makes it cozy, SMALL DUST PAN/BRUSH-keep it tidy for a more relaxing space, roll up your bedding during the day. I sealed the mesh in my fancy tent and dust still gets in but helps. Take a CARDBOARD BOX (when car space is limited) this makes an instant closet and nightstand. Pack it flat and when you get there assemble and place it on its side flaps are the doors. Put your clothes in a large PLASTIC STORAGE BAG-slide it in there. Put a nice SCARF or fabric on top of the box to create your night stand/table to put your STANDING SMALL MIRROR and magical things. If you have space plastic drawers are great and a large plastic bin for your clothes.
*All caps things you may want to purchase

Instant Cardboard Nightstand/closet

~Inside the Sanctuary~
 My layout is always sleeping area to the back of the tent, cardboard box night stand (makes a nice partition) next to my bed, matt, bags in the corners, shoes in the front entrance corner and personal midnight snacks n goodies other entrance corner. Spray bottle, tissue, wippies, lotion in between my nightstand and bed.
*TMI section for the Goddesses-pee funnel YES! Make a sturdy one with an NEW FUNNEL the kind you use to put oil in your car and PLASTIC HOSE you can find it @ hardware stores. In the middle of the night when it’s cold and you are tired and cozy in your sleeping bag, the last thing you want to do is go for a quick ride to the potties. Pee Funnel tahdah! It simple put the hose in the empty gallon; fill and when you are ready take it do the potties. Clean your funnel after every use with a wippie, and store in a large Ziploc. Cover your little bathroom with a nice fabric. Keep it in the corner MAKE SURE the lid is on tight. I’m a brush b4 bed kind of gal BUT in times of super exhaustion I chew on a Tea Tree tooth pic and rinse. Fresh enough.

~Nap time~
 in 100 degrees :/ Battery operated little fan-YES! Clean feet and face, lotion. Put fan on your chest-layout on a sarong or cool fabric, spray yourself and try to nap anywhere you can.

Take a watch-I have attended some pretty amazing workshops out there for example talks about Sacred Geometry, Alex Grey, EFT with Sonya Sophia Illig, Psychic Cafe and all sorts of fun stuff. The times and workshops are all listed in your booklet.

 ~The Ice Chest~
This a buddy system commit to getting ice everyday to keep your food fresh and drinks cold. But most importantly put the ice into large Ziplocs. Place on top of your food and as it melts you can pour into an IGLOO or water dispenser and drink it! This way you don’t waste water nor have to deal with empting an ice chest. No waste, minimal grey water. Ice in the water dispenser a YES!

~The Kitchen~
Take a giant plastic bag or bin to store your cutting board, utensils-large serving spoon, plates, large bowl-to mix everything in, cups, and pans( sauce pan, skillet).
*Washing dishes at Burning Man:
Use a paper towel to wipe your plate right after you finish eating and spray with water & white vinegar and wipe again. Put every thing away Even if you are in an RV-trust me. Keep spices in a small plastic bin.

~Eating Healthy at Burning Man~
I’m a dancing machine they say…
I can get really vegan roll, buckwheat pancakes, curry lentil and other yummy dishes out there-my friends will miss me this year and I will miss them!! ;)~
If you are part of a meal plan I have two words for you- take snacks. But if you are preparing meals this plan is inexpensive, feeds about four each time and is super energizing and will keep you dancing till Sunrise. I’ve simplified it for you.

Cook, Strain and freeze 2 or 3 cups of each of the following grains: Quinoa, brown rice, and lentils( these grains are protein rich foods), put them in gallon size zip locks-Keep it iced the whole way there and through out the burn. 1 cups of grain will feeds 4 folks each time you prepare a cup of grain with the other ingredients in the recipes  (bowl size portion) add more grain for second serving. Updated this morning ;) 08/27/15 
*For the RAW community you can sprout the grains.
1c dry quinoa yields 3 cups cooked-Cooking time 20 minutes
1c dry rice yields 3 to 4 cups cooked- Cooking time 30-35 minutes until tender
1c dry lentils( I like french lentils) yields 2 1/2 cooked -Cooking time 30 minutes or so until tender *not too soft
Ready for the Freezer
I pack 4 cups of grain to a 1-gal bag-keeps fresher

Take apples, oranges, *bananas, *grapes (*eat first) cucumbers, red cabbage, shredded carrots, avocadoes, roma tomatoes-these keep well, *greens (they keep for the first three days use them first), onions, dried cranberries, pine nuts, lemons, spices (cumin, curry powder salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, cinnamon) apple cider vinegar (cure all), Baking soda( for tummy aches) olive oil, almond butter, jelly, granola, nuts and cookies. *=Eat first

Supper Foods fuel my dancing marathons. I premix a dry combination of spirulina, maca, and cacao. I have a little cup with a lid and add one tablespoon of this mix to a cup of almond milk, with ice and shake it up yum! Liquid gold once a day!

Electrolytes: make your own healthy tonic. I cup of water, pinch of salt, tsp of maple syrup, 1/2 lemon or orange or both, splash of apple cider and ice and mix.

Energy boost: same as above but add black pepper and turmeric powder. Its great for reducing inflammations as well so you don’t wake up all puffy.

~Tummy Aches~ 
mix a tsp of baking soda and a cup of water, this will bring relief. Charcoal tablets are great if you get the runs. :/

You may not eat 3 meals a day out there, I usually have one big meal and lots of water and snacks. Listen to your body.

~The Meals~
 Sip this while you make breakfast-chai tea, coffee, mate or your tea preference.
Option #1-Fruit salad-dice apple, banana, and grapes sprinkle granola on top simply delicious.

Option #2-Hot rice porridge
In a saucepan add 1 cup of water, a tsp of cinnamon, dash of salt, 1 cup brown rice, 1 cup almond milk and 2 tbsp maple syrup-simmer for five/ten minutes. Eat warm, chill leftovers for a nice snack.

Option #3-Quinoa hot cereal
1 cup almond milk, 1/4 water, dash of salt, 1 cup quinoa, simmer. Serve warm TOP with diced apples, 1tbsp maple syrup and sprinkle cinnamon.

Quinoa Salad
Option #1-Quinoa Salad 
slice as thin as possible 1/4 red cabbage, dice 1 cucumber, 1 tomato, a handful of shredded carrots. In a large bowl mix 1 cup quinoa, veggies, some dried cranberries, pine nuts and dressings. Top with avocado.
Dressing: 1/2 lemon juice, 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar, 1/4 cup olive oil, salt to taste, tbsp maple syrup, dash of pepper/salt (or 1/4 tsp amino brags) -optional a dash of cayenne pepper,  mix then toss it all together. Top with avocado.
Prep time: 20 minutes if you focus ;)

Option #2 Iceberg lettuce tacos. Same as above served on a leaf of iceberg lettuce serve with chips on the side. Iceberg lettuce keep well.
Option #3 Sandwiches-use your imagination ;)

Brown rice and Lentils
Warm rice in saucepan. Dice 1/4 onion, Ziplocs rest, dice 1 tomato. In a skillet grill onion until golden, add tomato, salt/pepper to taste, and 1/4 water-simmer five minutes. add 1-cup lentils simmer five minutes. Make BM style curry: in a cup mix-1 tbsp almond butter, 1/4 cup almond milk, 1 table spoon curry powder and mix. Pour over lentils and cook for five/ten minutes. If it’s to thick add a little water, DONE “Curry lentils n Rice”.

Brown Rice Stir fry
dice 1/4 onion, 1 tomato, grill onion until golden brown, add a pinch of salt/pepper and tsp of cumin, add handful shredded carrots and 1 cup of brown rice and stir for ten minutes. Serve warm with a little lemon.

Lentil Tacos

Shell-iceberg lettuce, prepare lentils as above minus the rice. Serve on an iceberg lettuce shell. Top with avocado.

Just incase
tsp= teaspoon

NEVER! Leave camp with out your goggles, cup, dust mask and great attitude!
~At the party~
lock bike, lock jacket to bike by running your extra cable lock through a sleeve and through your bike. I dance! And get hot so this happens at some point and I dance carefree knowing it will be there when I return to my horse.

~Leave No Trace~
This is where I nerd out-as if the above info was not evidence yet.
Make three signs, Trash, Burnable, Recyclables laminate and punch a hole at the ends to draw a string through to tie to the top of the trash bag. We keep three hefty trash bags tied toward the back of our tents or car. It was easy to stay organized. At the end you will have minimal trash to take out. We tied a mesh bag outside for veggies scraps to dry and become burnable. 
For food scraps a beautiful Firefly has a groovy system. She saves her egg cartons and puts food scraps in there with a layer of playa dust to weigh it down and also to hide the smell. You can store them under your car. It will dry and no stinky trash-Thank you Sarah Firefly!

~The shopping list~
apples, oranges, *bananas, *grapes, persian cucumbers, red cabbage, shredded carrots, avocados, roma tomatoes, *greens, iceberg lettuce, onions, dried cranberries, pine nuts, lemons, spices (cumin, curry powder, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, turmeric powder, cinnamon), apple cider vinegar (cure all), white vinegar, baking soda, maple syrup, olive oil, almond butter, almond milk, jelly, bread, granola, nuts and cookies. (*eat first) FYI Trader Joes doesn’t carry heads of red cabbage-don’t get pre-shredded.
Plastic spray bottle for water & vinegar mix (for cleaning dishes and other things) paper towels, wippies, a big tub of lotion.

Snacks: protein bars, chips, cookies, coconut water YES! And drinks

They say Burning Man wouldn’t happen with out: Gorilla tape, zip ties, and bungee cords so yes take those, tarp, gloves, batteries, rope, hefty trash bags, lantern, flashlight, small locks with keys.

Personals-you know what you need but also take extra lip balm, lotion, sun block, parasol, sun hat, First Aid kit, ear plugs, a small bucket so when you head to the showers all you need is in there, sandals for shower) OH and one of my fab dust masks ;) 


And be sure to get your Pedal Bump fun at Red Nose District 4:45 & Esplanade, dance to the tunes of talented sound weavers at Steampunk Saloon right next to us. Have an amazing time and when the storm comes don’t run for cover! DANCE! Be well, be love, be light -GOD

I hope you find this information helpful ;)

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Thank you!

Thank you ! all the beautiful people that stopped by my Magical Stand today! I love listening to your stories and it is my pleasure to be of service. There was a lot of traffic and activity-I want you to know that I took in your words and send you all the love and transformative energy to help you align to your center vortex of love. I will return to my original space on August 23. Please do return... continued blessings~Araceli 

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Hello I will be at the intersection of the HOLLYWOOD FARMERS MARKET as a featured Artist
Just across from the info table. Come say hi and view all my new work.

Temple Of Visions
Boulder Opal & Sterling Silver
it had sparks of the galaxy in the opal...

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Please note this Sunday is the Caracol Market, I return to the HFM next Sunday.

Beauty surrounds when we open our eyes with the heart...

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6:00 Marketplace Closes

Featuring the finely crafted handmade work of these local artists:
Yerberia Mayahuel * Social Machine Productions * Araceli Silva Grateful Jewelry * Kalli Arte * Imix Books * La Candelaria Candles * Martha Hernandez * 2ndwnd * Alegria Xocolatl * Javier Orozco Jewelry * Álvaro Daniel Márquez * Emelda Gutierrez Ceramics * InsomniART * " Leachy Peachy's " Art & Jewelry * and more!

Live screen printing
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Superfood smoothies and aguas frescas
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Artisanal cupcakes
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Food pop up
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Special musical performance
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Don't miss these talented and vibrant teenage darlings!

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Updating the Chakra Necklace page tonight 9pm Los Angeles time

Feeling inspired to create a new batch of CHAKRA necklaces. I sold out this week end at the Hollywood Famers Market-thank you! I am so happy to see people interested in bringing balance to their lives. Continued blessings~ Araceli

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Thank you Sky for the Rain!
Hollywood Farmers Market this Sunday

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